Sidemount Cavern and Cave Diver Specialty Training Available.

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Certified as an open water scuba instructor in 1988, Curt Bowen continued to advance his instructor credentials to the highest certification levels of mixed gas deep diving.

Decades of diving experience resulting in over 7000 dives, Curt has photographed beneath the Bering Sea’s arctic ice, explored deep shipwrecks of the Great lakes, mapped extensive underwater cave systems throughout Florida, Bahamas, Dominican, Mexico, and Brazil, filmed Giant Octopus, Orca and Steller Sea lions of the Pacific northwest, breaching Humpback whales of the Dominican Silver Banks, Schooling Hammerhead sharks of Coco Island, recovered priceless ancient artifacts from lost treasure ships and deep Guatemalan volcano’s, and even discovered new species of life deep within the blue holes of the Bahamas.

These years of real world experience and thousands of extreme dives provides Curt with a knowledge inexperienced instructors could not deliver.

Openwater Diver Course Advanced Open Water Diver
Rescue Diver Course Master Diver
Assistant Instructor Nitrox Diver
Wreck Diver Decompression
Photography Extended Range
DPV Trimix Diver
Advanced Trimix Helitrox
Sidemount Diver Cavern Diver
Intro to Cave Full Cave Diver