A Short Presentation:

For over three decades, Curt Bowen has traveled around the globe capturing images and video of Mother Nature’s amazing beauty, colorful marine life, and local human customs. Over these years, Curt has worked close with a multitude of television network channels such as National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, Discovery Canada, Animal Planet, and Discovery China.

As a serious explorer and technical mixed gas rebreather diver, he has coordinated dozens of deep cave and shipwreck expeditions resulting in a multitude of amazing discoveries and once in a lifetime images.

Curt Bowen is the founder, owner, and publisher for Advanced Diver Magazine, the worlds largest and longest established advanced to technical explorer publication. Advanced Diver Magazine is distributed to over 45,000 readers and 52 countries.
Curt is also the founder of the ADM Exploration Foundation, a 501c3 Not-for-Profit organization dedicated to exploration, science, and education of our sub aquatic realm.

Curt also works as a freelance photographer – cinematographer. To contract his services, please contact him at curtbowenadm@gmail.com


Work Experience:

1995 to 1999 Founder and CEO Deeptech Journal
1999 to 2014 Founder and CEO Advanced Diver Magazine
1986 to 2012 Sarasota County Firefighter / Medic
2005 to 2013 CEO Rebreatherworld.com
1999 to P President - ADM Exploration Foundation (501c3 NFP)
1984 to P Graphics Illustrator and Web Designer
1988 to P Professional Underwater / Above Water Master Photographer / Videographer

Camera Equipment:

  Sony A7Sii Full Frame 4K Video Camera
  Sony A7S Full frame video camera
  Atomos 4K digital recorder / monitor
  Nikon D800 full frame 37mpx camera
  Nauticam A7S Underwater Housing
  Nikon D7000 Camera with underwater housing
  Complete quad studio lighting system
  Loads of stands, tripods, and underwater equipment
  Ninja Prores 422 recorder / monitor

4K Video Editing System:

  Mac Pro 3.5GHz 6 Core Xeon processor
  Triple Apple Thunderbolt 27 inch displays
  Over 24 Terabytes of Raid External Drives
  Imac 2.9 GHz Quad-core processor

CEO and Graphic Designer for
32 Hard Copy Magazine Issues

President - ADM Exploration Foundation
(501c3 Not-For-Profit Foundation)


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